Covering conditions

All mare owners who wish to make use of the stallions listed above for the covering/insemination of their mares accept the following conditions for all present and future business transactions:
I. General
Boxes and pastures are available at a rate of EUR 10.00/day for boarding mares without foal and EUR 12.00/day for mares with foals.
Boarding rates and stud fees include VAT. Payment of the stud fee entitles the breeder to utilize the agreed stallion within the period determined by the stallion owner (generally between 1 January and the end of August). Should a stallion not be available for fresh semen for any reason (such as illness, participation in a competition etc.), frozen semen or another stallion from our station may be used by agreement. The breeder is not entitled to a repayment.
Stud fees apply to the whole breeding season. They must be paid prior to the first delivery or collection of semen (Volksbank eG, IBAN DE90412625010015514100; BIC GENODEM1AHL). The stud fee for mares covered or inseminated at the Gestüt plus boarding fees must be paid when the mare is collected. A discount of EUR 50.00 will be granted for immediate cash payments.
The date for covering/insemination and possible subsequent inseminations will be decided by the stallion owner in consultation with the Gestüt’s veterinarian and the breeder.
A “Deckschein” (breeding certificate) will be issued at the end of the breeding season, but will only be handed over to the breeder after the stud fee has been received in full.
A copy of the breeding papers or original “Deckschein” issued by the breeder’s Verband (breeding association) must be presented when the mare is inseminated for the first time.
The use of stallions for embryo transfer must be declared before the first insemination.

II. Dispatch of fresh semen
Semen is dispatched daily by overnight express. Special regulations apply at weekends.
Semen may be collected daily from 15:30 hrs. Semen must be ordered by 11:00 hrs on workdays and by 09:00 hrs on Sundays and bank holidays. The order must include the following information: name and address of the mare’s owner, including telephone and fax; name and address of the veterinarian/insemination agent; the mare’s name, pedigree and equine life number; breeding association and desired stallion.

Semen will be provided throughout the entire breeding season. As a rule, three portions per heat will be made available.
The cost for the dispatch of semen will be invoiced to the breeder. These costs will be charged by the dispatch company. Shipping containers including insemination statement must be returned, postage paid, within 5 days, otherwise the breeder will be charged for the container.
The shipment of additional semen will be subject to receipt of the stud fee.

III. Frozen semen
Frozen semen will be dispatched by Gen Trans in Mühlen, who will charge separately any costs for transport, handling, nitrogen, official veterinarian, customs duty and possibly rental containers.

IV. Breeding hygiene/veterinary care
The mare/horse owner declares his/her agreement that a veterinarian is consulted at their expense should the stallion owner consider this necessary. This applies to mares and their foals as well as rearing horses and horses in training. Such costs will be charged by the veterinarian.

The results of a recent cervical culture must be presented for all mares to be covered/inseminated, with the exception of mares with foals or maiden mares.

V. Liability
We exclude liability for slightly negligent breaches of duty insofar as they are not significant infringements/violations of the contract terms, damage due to injury of life, body, health and guarantees. The same applies to breaches of duty by our legal representatives and agents. The limitation of liability includes any damage which may occur during the boarding of a mare (and, if applicable, of her foal), particularly if caused when the mare is brought to a stallion. The owner is obligated to prove at the stallion owner’s request that an indemnity insurance has been taken out.

VI. Place of performance and venue
The place of performance is the domicile of the stallion owner.

The exclusive venue for all current and future claims arising from any business transaction, insofar as the breeder is a fully qualified merchant, is the domicile of the stallion owner.

VII. Special conditions
Mares inseminated in the previous year who did not produce a live foal will be granted a discount of 50 per cent on the current stud fee. Mares first inseminated after 30 June who not become impregnated will be exempt from the stud fee in the following year. If several mares are inseminated, a discount of EUR 300.00 on the stud fee will be granted for the third inseminated mare. This does not apply to mares who have already been granted a discount for non-impregnation.

These special conditions do not apply to Cornet Obolensky and insemination with frozen semen.