Fritz Ligges

The name of Fritz Ligges is linked to a highly successful chapter in the history of German show jumping. Fritz Ligges on Robin was the best rider on the German team that won a gold medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.
In 1984, Fritz Ligges won an Olympic team bronze medal on Ramzes in Los Angeles/USA. He achieved scores of first and other high positions at national and international competitions with his other horses, Goya, Windus, Fandango, Thronfolger, Pik Dame, Ramiros Girl, Little Devil, Rodney, Golden Furio, Genius, Wodan, Fernando, Summertime etc.

Tokyo 1964
Known as "the laughing horseman" due to his sense of humor, Fritz Ligges began his career in eventing. At the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, he caused a sensation, winning individual and team bronze on Donkosak.

Horses for competitions
A year later, Fritz Ligges switched to show jumping. He owed Ramiro, among others, to his friendship with Baron Clemens Nagel. This stallion-of-a-century covered mares at the Ligges stallion station, at that time still located in Dortmund/Asseln, until 1979 and became an internationally acclaimed show jumper under Fritz Ligges.

Breeding competition horses – Fritz Ligges’ passion influences breeding at Gestüt Ligges to this day.

For more than ten years, Fritz Ligges was on the board of the Westphälisches Pferdestammbuch (Westphalian stud book), a member of the licensing commission and the auction team. His positive balance as a breeder: 21 stallions bred and raised by him were licensed.

German national trainer for young riders
Starting in 1986 after his active riding days had ended, Fritz Ligges became the German national trainer and team trainer for young show jumpers. To the young riders he trained, he was often trainer and friend in one – which may explain the twelve gold, 13 silver and nine bronze medals under his aegis.
Fritz Ligges died on 21 May 1996 – we shall never forget the "laughing horseman" who did things his way.