Gestüt Ligges

Horses for the sport

The Ligges Stud Farm is located in the heart of the Münsterland horse region just outside the city of Münster. The farmstead with its historic half-timbered buildings has been harmoniously and expediently extended by stable and indoor buildings through careful planning. On the 60 hectare estate of Gestüt Ligges, there are about 120 horses: Broodmares, foals, yearlings, remounts, young talents in training and, of course, the stud's stallions. The "gentlemen" are housed in their own, separately located stallion stable which includes an european insematin center. For the mares, a separate area with spacious foaling boxes with chip monitoring has been created in a new, airy and brightly built hall. After the grazing season, the young horses move into large paddocks (loose stalls) in groups, which ensure sufficient exercise and fresh air supply even in the winter months with separate feeding and sleeping areas. They are fed with home-grown oats, supplemented with high-quality mineral feed mixtures, home-grown silage, rich hay and the best straw.

Solid training as the basis for future success

The training of the horses and the training of the stallions, which are also used in sport, is in the hands of Kai Ligges, master of horse management and Nations Cup rider. In addition with Monika Schnepper, also a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, advanced (S) level show jumper and advanced (S) level dressage rider, show judge and employed at our stud for more than 35 years, already enjoyed the unconditional trust of Kai's father Fritz Ligges. The two are supported by Marie Ligges, Jasmin Matenar and Stephan Naber.

Sebastian Dammann, insemination manager is the head of the insemination station. The care of the stallions and sport horses is in the hands of Pia Reckling and Nora Etzel, who have already completed their training with us.

 The 20 by 60 meter indoor arena, the lunging arena, the free-walking lead arena, the extensive outdoor arena and the riding area allow for varied training.

Our long-time employee Piotr Wrobel, who was also employed by Fritz Ligges, is responsible for the well-being of the horses in the loose stall, the mares with foals, and the foaling. He lives with his whole family at our stud. From time to time he is assisted by Darius Lutostanski.

Hand in hand with our breeders

EU insemination station fresh semen and frozen semen, also available by mail order

  • Veterinary care at the farm (Dr. Schulze Thier, Ascheberg)
  • Boxes and pasture for guest mares and foals
  • Retirement pastures for weanlings, young horses as well as mares with foals
  • Birth monitoring
  • Stallion rearing
  • Training and preparation of young stallions for licensing
  • Healthy rearing (open stabling) in large herds for young and older horses
  • Training of your horse (breaking in and corrections) and presentation at tournaments
  • Sale and mediation: from promising foals to quality broodmares
  • Highly trained riding and show horses for jumping, dressage and leisure Central marketing location

Marketing location: several horses can be offered to the prospective buyer. You can present your horse/foal descended from our stallions free of charge on the sales pages of our stud.